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) We are two best friends sharing our creative journey.You never know what we will be into each time you visit.You may also be wondering how many notepads you can make with one of our 2oz bottles.To help you out, we’ve done some testing, and found that one 2oz bottle of padding compound will cover about 120 square inches of surface with one nice thick coat. To help you with the math, we’ve made the following chart.This is the blindgossip item that revived the 2005 debate over who Marcia was seeing at the time. Piper Perabo, per other threads on the DL, is apparently gay and not overly secretive about it.It was reposted at a number of other gossip sites (ONTD, Gawker, L chat), and the general consensus is that the other star in the item is Lauren. Amber Heard is very out, but I don't think the general public has clued in yet.

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And she screwed with the show's story line just to cater to her personal wishes because she liked David Sutcliff better than Scott Patterson. A D-list inexperienced actor like Patterson can pretend he's in love with Graham's character, but she couldn't manage the same thing. And I'm sure I've read at least one thread here that said Sara Ramirez of "Grey's Anatomy" is gay.

I’ve always wondered how to make my own custom notepads, and recently I’ll learned the trick.

The key is a special type of glue called padding compound and it’s a simple adhesive that you apply to a stack of paper to turn it into a notepad.

In just a few minutes’ time, it will dry to a smooth, flexible, non-sticky finish.

If you have a particularly large notepad and would like extra strength, you can also apply a second coat.

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